3D design - 3D designs in various file formats.

ElectroMechanical design - Have an idea of a project like a weather station, an automated lathe, an RGB LED back light for your monitor, or a spot welder? Well, JustMakeItStudio can handle the creation of your prototype, from material sourcing, to coding, to actual implementation.

JustMakeItStudio provides these services upon request. Also, the studio has a presence in following areas: Instagram, Youtube, Etsy, GrabCAD and GitHub.



Hi, I'm Alex! Flattered that you're taking the time to read more about me ;). I'm a mechanical engineer by trade, but I also meddle in carpentry, electronics, programming, and data analysis.

Trying to find my way, I stumbled across the idea of designing something, but not just for me to enjoy, rather to share it. What better then, than a blueprints website for stuff like custom furniture and finetuned machinery!

If you want to learn more, then check out my Linked In.