Enlighten yourself. It is time to ask some... well, a lot of questions. You might not have the slightest clue how to answer them, but an unexpected key could appear while you flow through this. Let us start with the hardest, what do you truly want to do with your life?


Many would say I want to be a doctor, a firefighter, a teacher. The problem here is that it's just a job title. What will bring happiness to your life? What could possibly fulfil you? The true question here is what truly interests you: do you want to create, do you want to often learn new things, do you want to be in the spotlight, do you like the acknowledgement of your work, do you want to help others, do you want to think of work all day long, do you want to have balance between life and work, do you want to travel, do you just want money... you get the picture. It's not the job, it's the things that make up that job. How about a leader, do you want to be one? How long do you want this to last? Is there a hobby that could be turned into a business? What have you done so far, what is your skill set? Has your journey up until now taken you on a joyful or bitter trail? Maybe the correct question to consider is to ponder what will make you a better person. Do you have support from those closest to you? What will you bring to this world, will you leave it a better place? Why?


You could have some more input in your life. We all sit and have a meal with someone. What do they think? This could be a deep conversation with a friend or family member. Or it can just be reading books that you might have a negative or neutral opinion on. Listen to what the world has to say. What does the rest of the world want to do with themselves? List down all your ideas, no matter the topic, and try to ask these questions.


We spend a decade to reach the level of “employment”. But do you want to be an employee? Did you actually need all this studying and hard work you put down for so many years? Out of all that, what brings you joy? Did working with others brighten your day? During all these years, did you give yourself time to stay still, to ponder on your world, on your beliefs, on your problems, on your ideas? Could inner reflection evolve into something, could it help? This is frustrating, nothing is giving me an answer.


Well, maybe history will solve this. What did the ancient people do with their lives, did they want what you want so bad? Is there a philosophy that you find interesting?


What is up to you, do you actually have a choice on this matter, or is this already decided from your personal path? Do you have the humility to accept your reality? That you will probably not be an astronaut anytime soon, or become a millionaire. Regardless, we all need a final goal. As soon as you know that, you can lay out every step of the way towards your goal.


Okay, you must turn this into a binary problem. You could write a huge list of possible business ideas, job titles that you think could work, and then rank them based on another huge list of questions. The next step is to gather some fruitful feedback from people you know and respect. At this point it's possible to believe you  have a much clearer idea of your future. Make a blueprint. Whatever it is. However ambitious or not. Lay out your path and take consistent steps.