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Machinist Clamp Blueprint

5.00 - 45.00

The Machinist Clamp Blueprint is the perfect weekend project for anyone looking to learn metalworking basics. This easy-to-follow PDF document contains all the information you need to make it using common tools like an angle grinder, drill, and welding machine. By following the construction process, you can complete this project in just two hours – even if you're new to metalworking.

The machinist clamp has been around for ages but only if you could afford it. Well, this design makes it accessible for anyone to fabricate on a budget. Start building your metalworking skills and toolset today with this exciting project from JustMakeItStudio.

It has four pages of detailed instructions, including a printable template that can be used as a 1:1 scale on standard A4 paper. Along with this, a .dxf file is included, that can be sent to your nearest laser-cutting service. If you choose the kit you will receive all the components precut ready for welding. So choose your medicine and get at it!

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